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Whether you are new to Professional Paint Protection and Auto Detailing or a seasoned veteran, our customer-focused approach consistently allows us to point you in the right direction to achieve satisfactory results.

At Rare Reflections Auto Spa we believe in challenging standards, instilling confidence and empowering the community. The way we challenge standards is simply by removing the old way of doing things and creating new ways to achieve better, longer lasting, results – ultimately instilling confidence in our clients to know that they will receive nothing shy of excellence while empowering them to want to drive more often. Let’s get started.

Why Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating breaks all of the barriers that you have been fighting for years when it comes to the upkeep of your vehicle— especially if you have owned a black vehicle. Fighting the ability to retain that luster shine after just six months of ownership, fighting the ability to keep a clean exterior and fighting long hours of constant scrubbing on the weekends when it’s time for a wash and waxing. While still not getting your desired result. GOOD NEWS!!! Rare Reflections Auto Spa exclusively partners with Gyeon Quartz— offering ‘Certified Detailer’ Pro Grade Ceramic Coatings that maximizes long term gloss retention, makes upkeep maintenance easier than ever and BEST OF ALL protects your vehicle from environmental elements that causes premature paint fading and failure. Are you ready to take your vehicle aesthetics and modes of protection to the next level? With packages created that suit most driving styles, whether it’s our Entry Level Coating or our Most Advanced Coating system– we have a package just for you. Fill out the contact form and let’s start the process of breaking barriers.

Why Auto Detailing?

At Rare Reflections Auto Spa we believe in centering our ‘Detailing Services’ around three major points: Offering Complete Services, Being reliable and Educating those whom we have the opportunity to connect with— which ultimately leads to satisfaction in your chosen service. The concept around auto detailing has been vastly skewed over the years, giving off a simple “wash, wax & vacuum” connotation. That is not the Rare Reflections way of doing things— that way produces incomplete services that leads to unsatisfied clients. Auto detailing is really about keeping your vehicle & the materials that make them up in a healthy state. Leather is meant to be soft and smooth vs. greasy and brittle. Carpet is meant to be deodorized & plush vs smelly and matted. Paint is meant to be exfoliated and smooth to the touch vs dry and crunchy to the touch. With our carefully designed packages we have what you need to right the sleigh & keep it that way.

Professional Results

“My wife and I have been using Rare Reflections for almost three years now. The first time I met Stefon, I was blown away by his work ethic and his willingness to make sure I had received the best detail that I’ve ever had. He did just that, and he treats our vehicles that way every single time. Their quality of work, attention to detail, customer service, and expertise in the car detailing industry is unmatched!! Every time I receive my vehicle back from Rare Reflections it’s like brand new! I really can’t recommend them enough!”

– Jeremy A.