1987 Lamborghini Countach

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When speaking on the most iconic cars ever built, it’s likely the Lamborghini Countach will be a topic whether you are a car enthusiast, journalist or just someone who appreciates the history of luxury automobiles in general. The Lamborghini Countach became instantly recognizable due to its spaceship-like chassis and futuristic scissor doors. With vented ports on the rear deck and at the front, pop-up headlights. It gave the car a specific stance that is not easily overlooked. One of the most iconic and legendary models ever built, hardly ever will it be seen driven down a public highway, therefore making its presence here at Rare Reflections Auto Spa truly extraordinary.

Why Paint Correction?

Throughout the time it spent here at Rare Reflections, we were given the ultimate privilege of enhancing its overall appearance with our multi-stage paint polishing service. This level of paint correcting is designed to enormously enhance the painted surfaces by ridding of defects; leaving a true “perfect finish”. A thorough and extremely meticulous job, this process often includes wet sanding techniques to reduce deeper paint gouges. Many car collectors are skeptical about having a car of such stature paint polished because of the potential errors that could occur during these stages. At Rare Reflections Auto Spa we believe in proceeding with extreme caution to ensure that the machine polishing stages are done at the utmost professional level; safely and accurately. As a result giving us the most favorable outcome in preserving these pieces of history.

Ultimate Paint Protection

The main topic at hand would be how do we begin to savor the work that the paint polishing stages has produced? There are several different options that one could go about and some people may be against new age technology, at Rare Reflections we are not shy to the idea of new technology when put in its rightful place, but at the end of the day it’s about personal preference and what’s going to be best for the specific vehicle at hand. Decision making boils down to the following: is the paint completely original? Will the car be driven at high speeds? Has the car been repainted? And most of all what is your vision for the car in the future. Depending on the answer to these questions then one would either choose from a high quality wax, ceramic coating or paint protection film.

In this particular instance we opted to protect the paint on this car with ceramic coating paint protection – Why? This car has been freshly painted and the owner intends to take this vehicle on multiple high speed drives, therefore the ceramic coating will allow this vehicle to withstand a decent amount of environmental contaminants while preserving the paint work from having to be repainted again because of clear coat failure.

Professional Results

When you begin your searches to give your vehicle its ultimate appearance and preserve history whether its pre 2000’s or a current day vehicle that will eventually be considered history, ask for a visit to sit down and discuss the best possible options for your budget as well as what’s best for the vehicle. Should you be interested in receiving more information about having your vehicle enhanced and protected at Rare Reflections Auto Spa, follow the contact guidance below and allow us the chance to talk over your prized possession.

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