Paint Correction

Remove swirls marks, scratches, watermarks, and much more with our comprehensive paint correction services.

What is Paint Correction?

Whether you recently purchased a Brand New Vehicle or have owned your current vehicle for years, there are many opportunities for your vehicle’s paint to be damaged. Poor wash maintenance, unskilled preparation at the Dealership, Factory induced sanding marks, Water spots, RIDS (random isolated deep scratches) and Holograms (most commonly caused by machine car washes), to name a few.

Paint Correction is the intensive process of machine polishing your paintwork, properly. This significantly differs from what many detailers or car washes call a “quick buff & polish”. Proper paint correction is a very meticulous and time consuming process that can be broken down into a variety of stages depending on the severity of the paint imperfections. The services below are organized in a very straight-forward way, to help you determine what makes the most sense for your vehicle and your budget.

All Paint Correction services include Reset Full Exterior Detail

Level 1

Enhancement Polish

A one step polish to remove light to medium defects while overall enhancing the color of the paint. Our most common detail package and great option to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle without having a multi-day service performed, while also being more cost efficient. Although this service removes light to medium defects this service is strictly to enhance gloss.

Level 2

Correction Polish

A two stage paint correction. At this level of correction we begin to dig deeper to remove more significant paint defects. The cutting stage introduced at this level can be expected to remove 70-85% of defects. Followed with a refining polish to clear up haze from the cutting stage, leaving a nearly defect free paint and producing a glossy rare reflection finish.

Level 3

Restoration Polish

Multi-stage paint correction, chasing paint perfection(where paint depth allows). Customized cut and polish performed for deep defect repair, paint leveling, and gloss restoration.

Tailored Results

to fit your budget and desires

Some vehicles only require a little correcting to restore it back to it’s beautiful shine, while others may require a multi-step process or even wet-sanding. Whatever your vehicle requires, we have the experience, knowledge, and a shop that’s filled with the highest quality polishes and compounds to remove and correct paint imperfections, safely and properly.

All vehicle conditions are different and there are many different variables involved when correcting the quality of the paint. For this reason, we invite you to come by the shop or schedule a FREE consultation. In doing so, we will analyze the current condition of your paint and discuss what steps would be required to achieve the results you desire. We understand that everyone has different goals in mind and we welcome the opportunity to simply provide you with the information needed in order for you to make an educated decision based on what makes the most sense for your vehicle and your budget.