Ceramic Coatings

Protect and enhance your vehicle’s paint by giving it a glossy, smooth finish while protecting from environmental elements.

GYEON Certified Detailer in Louisiana

Through extensive research and much consideration Rare Reflections Auto Spa chooses to work exclusively with GYEON quartz Ceramic Coatings. Utilizing multi-layer technology and the latest in SiO2 and Chemistry, GYEON is one of the most dynamic car care products, globally. Though most people ceramic coat their vehicle to make cleaning much easier, these coatings seal your vehicle’s surface, making it not only water resistant, but also UV and Chemical resistant. More specifically, these coatings offer exceptional protection against Louisiana’s harsh environment. Offering long term protection from extreme heat, our ever so often rain showers, dirt and gravel road kick up, bug etchings and more. GYEON Quartz coatings are going to add that deep glass-like gloss, intense water behavior, and for those future washes — fast and easy washing capabilities!

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Extreme Gloss

Ultimate Protection

Self-Cleaning Effect

UV Resistance

Tier 3


The ULTIMATE paint protection package! For this service we utilize Q2 MOHS+; a CERTIFIED-ONLY 2 stage coating system featuring GYEON’s highest variants, Q2 base-coat and the Q2 Phobic— working synergistically together to deliver the best performances in gloss, protection and durability available anywhere on the market today. This coating system will provide extreme protection from UV Rays and chemical damages, scratch resistance capabilities, high durable repellency, self-cleaning properties and creates a significantly different, candy-like look. A pure silazane base coat is the hardest automotive coating ever developed. The topcoat prevents watermarks and stains, and prolongs the total durability of the Q² Base coating .The end result simply cannot be overestimated. This service provides the ultimate paint protection with the richest, deepest, wet, glass-like-gloss.

Ceramic Coatings option below must be paired with our Level 1, 2, or 3 Polishing/Paint Correction services.

GYEON Quartz 5 yr
  • 5 YR Durability
  • Hard & Ultra Slick Surfaces
  • Scratch & Chemical Resistant
  • Shields Environmental Contaminants
  • Highly Durable Repellency
  • Supreme Self-Cleaning Ability
  • Glass-Like Gloss

Tier 2

Crystal Serum Light

Our Most popular ceramic coating package, this level of coating begins to act as a sacrificial layer of protection. With great self-cleaning & hydrophobic properties, it will provide extended chemical & UV protection to any automotive paint while delivering a jaw dropping shine.

  • 3 YR Durability
  • Intense & Radiant Gloss
  • Extreme Water Beading
  • Shields Environmental Contaminants
  • Excellent Self-Cleaning Ability

Ceramic Coatings option below must be paired with our Level 1, 2, or 3 Polishing/Paint Correction services.

Tier 1

GYEON Quartz Q2 Can Coat + Beadlock Pro

Providing outstanding durability and resistance, it is a major step up from a wax or sealant. When properly maintained this protectant will last up to 2 years offering a crisp, glossy finish and will help make your regular washes much easier.

  • 2 YR Durability
  • Water Repellant
  • High Gloss
  • Excellent Self-Cleaning Ability
  • UV Protection

Ceramic Coatings option below must be paired with our Level 1, 2, or 3 Polishing/Paint Correction services.

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Car looked brand new!! Very happy with service.
Anna Biggers
Anna Biggers
May 5, 2022.
A young business but very promising I would recommend it to everyone in the area to use this great service provider.
Darius Shad
Darius Shad
March 4, 2022.
The best around!!! So kind and pay attention to detail.
Kristen Schroder
Kristen Schroder
February 25, 2022.
Don’t think twice JUST DO IT when I seen my car I was extremely overwhelmed it was gorgeous looking like I just got it from off the show floor. Customer service is 5+++++ and more. Thank you Natalie & Stephon
December 25, 2021.
Rare reflections is the best in the business! These guys know their craft 100% My car had swirl marks and scratches from the factory - most new cars do! I sent it straight to Stephon and Natalie and they polished it inside and out - then ceramic coated the entire car! These guys really show their true core values in everything they do! If your values align, I suggest you give them a call and partner with them! You can thank me later. Great experience and cannot recommend them enough!
Matthew Knick
Matthew Knick
December 14, 2021.
Wow! Just wow! I’ve have my car detailed at other businesses, but Rare Reflections Auto Spa has definitely done the best job. I will be bringing my car back for sure!
Ashlie Clark
Ashlie Clark
December 9, 2021.
10/10!! Getting my vehicle detailed was not something I've done before but now I'll be a retuning customer at Rare Reflections. Both our vehicles are paid off some protecting the longevity has become important to me. I am literally speechless at how great my vehicle looks. Better than when I bought it. Natalie was always in touch and conveniently updated me via text. Stefan's work is amazing!!
Karly Segrave
Karly Segrave
November 18, 2021.


for Ceramic Coatings

How do you choose the right ceramic coating?

The durability of any Ceramic Coating is directly related to two things. First, how and where the vehicle in question lives its life. Is it a California car that sees perfect weather or a Louisiana car that will see very hot summers and extremely grimy winters? Is it a weekend toy or is it a daily driver? Where the car lives and the environment it is exposed to plays heavily into any Coatings durability. The more intense the environment it is exposed to the less durability we can expect. The kinder the environment the more durability we can expect. Secondly, is the maintenance program the car has been set on. All Ceramic Paint Coatings require maintenance. If the car is kept clean where dirt and contaminant is not able to build up on the surface over several weeks or months and the Coating is kept healthy then we will see extended durability. There is no one size fits all and there are no permanent coatings.

What are ceramic coatings and why are they better than waxes and sealants?

Ceramic Coatings, also called Glass Coatings or Quartz Coatings, are the most capable form of protection from UV and Chemical Damage we can utilize. The bonding molecule that provides the protection is SiO2, or Silica Dioxide. Well one might say, “doesn’t a wax or a sealant protectant the paint as well?” The answer to that question would be absolutely, but everything has its place. While a wax may give you some gloss and protect your paint from UV rays, there are just some things that it will not do. Such as… last for YEARS, Protect from chemical damage and be highly repellent against dirt and grime. However, that IS what a ceramic coating offers.

Are ceramic coatings scratch proof?

There has been a false misconception around ceramic coating due to false sales pitches. Coatings are not thick enough nor hard enough to withstand scratches from say a dirty wash mitt, a key, or a rock chip. They do produce a slightly harder surface than the paint itself, but not enough to withstand this type of damage. With that being said, keep in mind that ceramic coatings may be more resistant than your paint alone or even a wax but it is NOT scratch proof. Ceramic coatings are designed to shield from environmental contaminants, save clear coat failure from UV rays and overall be an aid to keeping your vehicle looking its best for years to come.

How do you maintain ceramic coatings?

Although a major topic around ceramic coatings are their ability to be a self cleaning product, a ceramic coating must still be maintained properly in order to get the full duration of its life span. When maintaining a ceramic coating, you must always keep in mind it must NOT come in contact with any form of carnauba wax. Whether that is a soap containing wax components or a quick detail spray that contains wax components, it will not bond with the ceramic coating, ultimately deadening the properties of the ceramic coating. When maintaining a ceramic coating we recommend Gyeon Bathe as your vehicle shampoo; Gyeon Bathe is a highly concentrated shampoo that has enough cleaning power to dissolve dirt and grime while also not affecting the properties of your ceramic coating. After the wash process has been completed we also recommend topping your ceramic coating with “quick detail spray” to add a little more protection as well as maximum gloss.

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