Full Interior Detail

  • Carpet and Seats blown out and vacuumed
  • Floor Mats cleaned and vacuumed
  • Interior surfaces wiped down
  • Cup Holders and Instrument Panels cleaned
  • Door Jambs wiped down
  • Interior windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Full Steam Clean
  • Carpets, Mats and Seats Shampooed and Deep Cleaned
  • All Leather surfaces (seats & trims) Steam Cleaned and Conditioned
  • All Interior vinyl, plastics and trim conditioned and UV protectant applied

This package combines the interior features of the Refresh with a heavier interior cleaning process designed to remove stains, sanitize and neutralize odors and persevere the vehicle’s interior surfaces for years to come.

At Rare Reflections Auto Spa our interiors became the base of our foundation due to our ability to transform an interior back to its original condition and better. The interior service that we offer is much more than a quick vacuum and cup holder wipe out. The amount of time and energy that we put into making your interior seem as if it had just been pressed out of the factory, is second to none. When you choose a Rare Reflection interior service, you aren’t just choosing an ordinary interior service you are choosing the BEST interior service that can be chosen.

Ready to make your car look new again?


for “Renew” Full Interior Detail

What makes our interior service unique?

An interior service is much more than applying an all purpose cleaner to each surface and calling it clean. Each vehicle is different and requires a unique set of chemicals that will not harm the surfaces but chemicals that will feed the surfaces the correct nutrients to give them a soft subtle satin finish. Although the initial cleaning of the vehicle is what the “interior detail” is mostly chosen for, the finish of the interior is very important for us as well. When choosing an interior protectant, we have to carefully choose a protectant that the vehicle asks for or that the client requests. What does that mean? Some interiors may call for a true satin finish whilst some may call for a little gloss. Choosing these protectants causes for correct mixtures and adjustments.

Choosing Fabric Coat and or Leather Shield Ceramic Protection

Choosing Fabric Coat and Leather Shield Ceramic Protection is choosing the ultimate interior protection. Our interior detail will automatically come with a form of leather protection, but this leather protection does not form a semi permanent bond with your leather, causing your leather to need protecting more often than you would with Leather Shield Ceramic Protection. Are you involved in year round sports runs? Do you have a toddler who isn’t so controlled with their snacks and drinks? Do you work a dirty job site that requires you to track dirt into your vehicle daily? If the answer to any of those is yes then choosing to upgrade to Fabric Coat and or Leather Shield would be ideal for your situation. Invest in the best upfront, receive the benefits as time progresses.

Ready to make your car look new again?