Full Exterior Detail

  • Paint, Trim and Tires safely washed utilizing our 3 bucket wash method
  • Wheels and Wheel Wells degreased and cleaned
  • Rims degreased and cleaned
  • Paint decontamination (iron fall out, tar removal)
  • Hand and/or air assisted drying with microfiber towels/ blown air
  • Wheels dressed
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Paint clay bar treatment
  • Gas cap and exterior crevices cleaned
  • 6-12 month paint sealant
  • Exterior plastics and vinyl trim conditioned and protected
  • Engine Bay Cleaning

This package features the exterior of our Refresh service with an added exterior paint exfoliation and clay treatment to cleanse paint and bring back gloss. An additional layer of protection is applied to keep your vehicle in peak condition for months to come.

Are the painted surfaces of your vehicle a little rough and not smooth to the touch? Are you the vehicle owner who understands vehicle preservation but not looking to venture into the ceramic coating route? This service is ideally for you as this service targets getting rid of the exterior contaminants that have been embedded within, whilst finishing the service with a 6 month sealant on the painted surfaces.

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for “Reset” Full Exterior Detail

Why is having your vehicle preserved considerably important?

When vehicles are assembled at the factory their sole purpose is to get the vehicle put together and delivered to the dealership as quickly as possible, NOT to make sure that your vehicle is protected. From the time of our purchase we aren’t aware of the harm our vehicle is in because that information has been withheld. So we treat our vehicle as such: weeks without the correct wash and the occasional automated car wash adding the “hot wax or ceramic coating”. The problem with such is the vehicle is collecting environmental contaminants such as iron particles, road tar, tree sap, bird guts and so forth. When we select the hot wax or ceramic coating at the car wash on top of all of those contaminants we are allowing them to lodge themselves within the clear coat. Ultimately accelerating what we call clear coat failure. By selecting any of our exterior details you are allowing for your paint to be properly prepared and preserved, which will ultimately extend the life of your vehicle; aesthetically speaking.

How often should you wax/seal your vehicle?

There are no set amount of times that one should have their vehicle waxed or sealed. However we believe at the very minimum a vehicle should be decontaminated and preserved at least once a year. Our exterior detail comes with a 6 month sealant; so particularly we would recommend this service twice a year to keep the vehicle protected all year around. Should your vehicle receive this service and is either garage kept or well maintained, there is a possibility that you may only need the service once a year. The amount of times a person may have their vehicle waxed per year solely depends on their preferences and driving habits. Should you know that you would love to have a more long term protectant based in terms of years and not months, see our “ceramic coatings” tab for more information.

What’s the difference between the “Reset” and “Revive”?

Although both services are targeted towards decontamination and preservation, there is a distinct difference between the two services. If a vehicle has been sitting up for years or just has never been preserved, ultimately causing the paint to fade, then the service to go with would be the enhancement polish. Why is that? The sheer actions of decontamination and preservation will not bring back the color of life in the vehicle that you are looking for. Allowing for the “Enhancement Polish” service will further cleanse the paint of deeper contaminants as well as allowing for the vehicle to be polished; when paint polishing is introduced it allows for oxidation to be pulled up and swirls to be diminished, revealing the true shine and clarity of your paint before applying the selected protectant.

Ready to make your car look new again?