The Ultimate Exterior & Interior Detail

Our highest quality detail is designed to REVIVE and enhance the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This package includes a gloss enhancing polish to further cleanse the paint as well as produce better overall clarity.

For deeper paint defect removal, check out our Level 1 Enhancement Polish.

  • Paint, Trim and Tires safely washed utilizing our 3 bucket wash method
  • Wheels and Wheel Wells degreased and cleaned
  • Rims degreased and cleaned
  • Paint decontamination (iron fall out, tar removal)
  • Hand and/or air assisted drying with microfiber towels/ blown air
  • Wheels dressed
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Paint clay bar treatment
  • Gas cap and exterior crevices cleaned
  • Exterior plastics and vinyl trim conditioned and protected
  • Engine bay cleansed and dressed
  • Wheels protected with Gyeon Can Coat
  • Gloss enhancing machine polish with 6-12 mo sealant*
  • Carpet and Seats blown out and vacuumed
  • Floor Mats cleaned and vacuumed
  • Interior surfaces wiped down
  • Cup Holders and Instrument Panels cleaned
  • Door Jambs wiped down
  • Interior windows and mirrors cleaned
  • Full Steam Clean
  • Carpets, Mats and Seats Shampooed and Deep Cleaned
  • All Leather surfaces (seats & trims) Steam Cleaned and Conditioned
  • All Interior vinyl, plastics and trim conditioned and UV protectant applied

*This step does not include any form of defect removal as it will only target revealing the gloss that has been hidden by a hazy film. This step also further cleanses the paint and allows for a better bonding of the protectant chosen.

Ready to make your car look new again?


for “Revive” Full Exterior/Interior Detail

How does this detail affect the resale value of the vehicle?

There is a common myth about dealerships and vehicles and it goes as such “the moment you drive a vehicle off of the lot, the value of that vehicle has now been depreciated.” What if I told you a way to get the most money back for your vehicle at the time of resale. Would you be interested in learning the secret? Great, because here it is. When a vehicle is brought back to the dealership for a trade in, the dealership is looking for anything out of the ordinary that will allow them to give you less than you truly deserve. Dealerships can take up too 1k+ off of your trade in value if the aesthetics of your vehicle are not up to par. If you’ve been caught into the snares of life and just haven’t given your vehicle the true maintenance that it deserves, our “REVIVE” has your back and will provide you with a trade in worthy vehicle.

Ready to make your car look new again?