Premium Auto Detailing

Our detailing services are suited for all types of vehicles: daily, show & shine, and family. We have a range of options to suit every need.

Our washes are a much more in depth, quality washes than that of your neighborhood car wash. Rare Reflections Auto Spa uses only the best products and utilizes the safest and most proper cleaning methods, regardless of the level of service or what vehicle you own. If we don’t believe in a product or service as being the best one, we simply don’t offer it. All washes are done by hand and dried with a microfiber towel or automotive blow dryer and a detail spray for added protection. If there are bugs, tar, or road debris present it will be removed. Wheels and wells are detailed and cleaned individually. When waxing the vehicle we prefer to use a synthetic wax or sealant for longer protection from Louisiana’s extreme hot seasons. To dress the tires and plastic we use a water based dressing that doesn’t leave and greasy residue. We shoot for a more factory “fresh off the lot” look, yielding us with a super high quality finished product.


Express Exterior/Interior Detail

Rare Reflections Refresh Package is our entry level detail. This thorough express service is a great option for an express cleaning and upkeep of your vehicle with the peace of mind that it is being done professionally.


Full Exterior Detail

This package features the exterior of our Refresh service with an added exterior paint exfoliation and clay treatment to cleanse paint and bring back gloss. An additional layer of protection is applied to keep your vehicle in peak condition for months to come.


Full Interior Detail

This package combines the interior features of a Refresh with a heavier interior cleaning process designed to remove stains, sanitize and neutralize odors and persevere the vehicle’s interior surfaces for years to come.


Full Exterior/Interior Detail

Our highest quality detail is designed to REVIVE and enhance the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This package includes a paint enhancement polish to bring the exterior back to life with depth, clarity and enhanced gloss and lasting cleanliness and protection for your interior.

Immaculate Results

Ready to make your car look new again?